I can’t be happy without him.

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in which Lana speaks for all of us

+Lana Parrilla;  +Regina Mills;  +perfect bby;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

My dear Jefferson….

+omg the proximity;  +*dead*;  +mad queen;  +jefferson;  +regina mills;  +evil queen;  +rmeq;  +young!Regina;  +ouat;  +touching;  +unf;  +how long were you two banging for? JFC;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

+ugh I live for light edits;  +and MQ;  +pretty;  +quotes;  +ouat quotes;  +regina mills;  +evil queen;  +rmeq;  +mad queen;  +jefferson;  +ouat;  +these two make my soul tingle;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

+honestly are you people even real?;  +josh dallas;  +laughing;  +ginnifer goodwin;  +lana parrilla;  +ouat cast;  +emilie de ravin;  +colin o'donoghue;  +michael raymond-james;  +down with the bloody red queue;  


Almost lovers always do

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+*grabs onto your gorgeous PSD and runs away with it*;  +pretty;  +swan queen;  +emma swan;  +regina mills;  +pastels;  +ouat;  +swan queen looks;  +3x20;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

Fail with consequence. Lose with eloquence. And smile.

+can I cry instead?;  +swan queen;  +emma swan;  +regina mills;  +henry mills;  +swan-mills family;  +ouat;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

+I cry;  +pretty;  +regal believer;  +regina mills;  +henry mills;  +ouat;  +mummy!Regina;  +down with the bloody red queue;  


Lana Parrilla + the little things she does with her face.

+fave;  +lana parrilla;  +regina mills;  +acting appreciation;  +rmeq;  +evil queen;  +peasant!Regina;  +ouat;  +face appreciation;  +down with the bloody red queue;