October 24. I'll still be reblogging new OUAT material (albeit less frequently) and my queue will be running until then.
University exam preparation is requiring my complete attention right now. I'll be slower than usual responding to people in my inbox and I'm not sure if I'll have time to make edits (but I'll spam you all once I'm back, promise!).♥



Here we see Lana looking for her scenes in the new ouat scripts


Here we see Lana looking for her scenes in the new ouat scripts

+at first it's funny but then it's sad;  +legit why is she not getting all the scenes and Ice vs. Fire parallels I don't understand??;  +hopefully she has some coming up;  +especially in S4B when Operation Mongoose continues :);  +SHE EVEN SLAMS A BOOK SHUT FABULOUSLY;  +GDI she'll be the death of me ._.;  +Michelle your bitter sass is showing honey xo;  +also there's a promo for the next ep in which Lana says 'Snow Queen' twice *banshee screeching*;  +but I digress;  +ouat spoilers;  +spoilers;  +4x04;  +Regina Mills;  +ouat;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

Who the hell are you?

+sassmaster Will Scarlet ladies and gentleman;  +my fangirl is so high pitched rn;  +such a puppy;  +second fave character don't even get me started;  +*desperately wants to know how he got to SB and where Anastasia is*;  +bloody hell;  +Will Scarlet;  +ouat;  +spoilers;  +ouat spoilers;  +4x03;  +it's so nice to tag this as ouat and not ouatiw :') I've missed my British ball of sass x;  +psst Will don't look at my queue tag bby I don't mean it :x;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

I want a life of my own… I know who I am and what I want.

+hahahahahahahahaha kill me;  +it explains so much and it hurts all the more;  +ugh;  +I don't even want to think about the life Regina could've had if mother dearest wasn't such a bad egg;  +and Emma thought /she/ had mummy issues;  +sometimes I remember The Miller's Daughter and it feels like my emotions are being stabbed;  +I hate this show a lot;  +it's frigging wonderful;  +and I hate it;  +and I love it;  +but I really just hate it;  +a lot;  +do you ever stop and wonder what would've happened;  +if Cora's heart went back in uncursed and she got her ability to love back?;  +yeah me neither bye;  +ouat;  +regina mills;  +evil queen;  +cora mills;  +rmeq;  +black queen;  +3x20;  +4x01;  +2x10;  +2x02;  +1x18;  +ugh that's every season. Ongoing pain;  +down with the bloody red queue;  


I had wings once, and they were strong. But they were stolen from me.

+colour porn;  +so pretty;  +movies;  +maleficent;  +disney;  +disney's maleficent;  +angelina jolie;  +elle fanning;  +disney movies;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

+ugh no all the feels;  +'I want you to be here because you want to be here';  +*pterodactyl screeching*;  +God these two have come so far bravo angels x;  +regal believer;  +ouat;  +henry mills;  +regina mills;  +1x01;  +4x02;  +parallels;  +ouat parallels;  +down with the bloody red queue;  


+ autumn colors

+I love this;  +colour porn;  +orange;  +regina mills;  +young!Regina;  +evil queen;  +rmeq;  +ouat;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

I like the unicorns;

+emma swan;  +so pretty;  +ouat;  +I feel I should have a tag for all of evenstarss' edits;  +but I guess I already have one called 'so pretty' :x;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

+friendly reminder that this scene happened;  +my friendly reminding smile looks a lot like a frown with accompanying eyeball leakage;  +4x01;  +ouat;  +regina mills;  +pain;  +so much pain;  +sooo much pain *jumps backwards off a cliff*;  +dem heels tho;  +v nice;  +a strong woman in a powersuit crying is a very hurtful oxymoron;  +now let's hug ourselves better please;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

+uuugh yes give me all the colour;  +because rainbow;  +colour porn;  +regina mills;  +evil queen;  +young!Regina;  +rmeq;  +snow white;  +young!Snow;  +sidney glass;  +belle french;  +rumplestiltskin;  +ruby lucas;  +blue fairy;  +baelfire;  +emma swan;  +prince charming;  +kathryn;  +princess abigail;  +frederick;  +ouat;  +bless the person who made this post;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

black is my color.

+hell yeah it is bby;  +regina mills;  +evil queen;  +rmeq;  +ouat;  +quotes;  +ouat quotes;  +black;  +you're owning it girlfriend;  +work it darlin';  +*snaps fingers* fierce;  +every episode is a fashion show and I love it;  +down with the bloody red queue;