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Fail with consequence. Lose with eloquence. And smile.

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Lana Parrilla + the little things she does with her face.

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Swan Queen AU

Regina, the Stable Girl

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Once Upon A Time → gifset per episode
02x17, Welcome to Storybrooke

+my abused heart loved this episode;  +porbably because of masochism and the likes;  +and golden queen and snow queen brotp feels;  +2x17;  +ouat;  +regina mills;  +rumplestiltskin;  +snow white;  +prince charming;  +emma swan;  +whose feet are those?;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

Just like your father did.

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favourite ouat moment per episode → 1.02 The Thing You Love Most

↳ Power is seductive. But so is love. You can have that again.

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+Yep okay we get it you're gorgeous are you trying to asphyxiate me by taking my breath away though?;  +I feel like I would use my dying breath to tell Regina how pretty she is;  +and IDK but that seems a little bit outside the realm of masochism;  +Lana why's your face gotta be so perfect?;  +fairy tales are giving me very unreal expectations of a large variety of things ;w;;  +I shouldn't blog when I'm tired because my tags are just weird and unamusing and just weird;  +Evil Queen;  +RMEQ;  +Regina Mills;  +OUaT;  +flawless;  +down with the bloody red queue;  

+WHAT IS THIS?;  +I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON;  +AKJGDJHFKG;  +I just... and my brain;  +...and what? But how and why? But really really just why?;  +teeelll meeee ;w;;  +okay back to my essay shhh guys I was never here;  +holy mother of SQ;  +swan queen;  +emma swan;  +regina mills;  +evil queen;  +rmeq;  +ouat;  +bts;  +ouat bts;  +update: it's for a promo. But... like;  +they're gonna kiss in the promo yeah?;  +right?;  +mhmm I'm sticking to that 500% accurate theory;  +they should bring the EQ to SB I didn't realise how badly I wanted that until seeing this;  +okay no I'm seriously not here there is an essay to be written shhh Bekkus Disappearus;