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Are you a villain in real life?
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Regina saving Robin’s family.

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+so pretty;  +Friv has the best PSDs in the fandom and I am both jelly and awestruck;  +regina mills;  +evil queen;  +rmeq;  +ouat;  +4x01;  +ouat spoilers;  +parallels;  +ouat parallels;  +those tags;  +she is so gorgeous I cannot stand it. *deep sigh*;  +my bby and her character development... *more sighing* :(;  +spoilers;  


Regina Mills’ fashion guide to life threatening situations. Winter 2014.

+but for starters just let me say that I l o v e d that they used the Frozen snow monster ohmygosh;  +and the troll ahaha ugh I fangirled;  +anyways;  +haha look at her just on a casual stroll;  +just slowly walking by the MONSTER MADE OF SNOW 4-5 TIMES HER SIZE;  +like. no biggy. seen worse.;  +glad she got to use a fireball this episode. unleash some of that emotion while doing a good thing.;  +she had grown so much. I love her. Sigh.;  +Four for Regina Mills. You go Regina Mills! And none for Maid Marian. Bye.;  +ohh no I'm just kidding I thought the 'maybe you're not a monster' thing was cute.;  +please don't let this be my new brotp. I ship enough weird relationships as it. :s;  +I am so tired rn why am I still awake I should not be tagging with a tired brain. emotional wreck out.;  +regina mills;  +4x01;  +ouat;  +spoilers;  +ouat spoilers;  +snow monster;  

Regina, I know you’re in there….

+this is all types of devastating;  +look at Regina doing her hugging herself thing she does when she feels sad or scared or uncertain;  +jadbhfgvsdjhf;  +and then her hand gets in her way and she settles for crossing her arms and burying her face in them instead;  +and Emma is the one going to console Regina. not Robin. not Henry. or Snow.;  +Emma. Gah. I love and hate them so much. Stop. Don't stop. ;w;;  +non-painful side note: Lana has great legs. oops bye.;  +*observational that's all*;  +swan queen;  +emma swan;  +regina mills;  +4x01;  +ouat;  +ouat spoilers;  +spoilers;  +greyscale;  +black and white;  

+well then. I'm just going to leave this here.;  +I feel like I was riding a rainbow and then when I looked down;  +the rainbow started to lose all its colour and turn grey;  +and I think the pit at the end is actually jagged spikey rocks;  +oh wait no it's not. as I near the end I see... oh...;  +it's A&E waving up gleefully at me. should've known. bloody sadistic writers.;  +outlaw queen;  +4x01;  +ouat;  +spoilers;  +ouat spoilers;  +parallels;  +ouat parallels;  +outlaw queen parallels;  +otp;  +otp: stunning in every way;  +3x21;  

I love you more than you’ll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go

+Okay I promise this is the last time I'm reblogging this scene;  +but look how pretty this is with its psd and parallels and pain.;  +and wow rude caption let's not thanks;  +OH WOW. this was the gifset that got me to cry. fabulous. great. I was wondering when that would happen.;  +this show has made me much too human;  +it's only when he turns his back does she let herself cry.;  +because she can't wait till he marches out of the room. can't hold it in that long. it's too much.;  +that's her curse. she feels too much. her capacity of love fills itself so much.;  +and then she can feel the pain fill the entire void as the love drains from her heart in its place;  +I hate this. so much. get out.;  +ouat spoilers;  +ouat;  +spoilers;  +4x01;  +regina mills;  +robin hood;  +outlaw queen;  +otp;  +otp: stunning in every way;  +pretty;  +my tags keep getting a little out of hand. not even my fault. it's this darn show. :s;  

+*dying whale noises*;  +*the sound an angry snow monster makes when a fireball hits it from behind*;  +my parents watched this with me and were like *GASP* OMG;  +OH REGINA YOU ARE SO GOOD NOW OH I AM SO PROUD OF YOU;  +And I was like haha yay my parents are reacting that's great.;  +but I was like. hey wait. how come they don't tell me they're proud of me?;  +GDI I need to become a firefighter obviously;  +also. holy crap. I need these two to sit down and converse and I think it's gonna happen.;  +I can sense it in my veins. it's that 'I think the zombie wife is gonna talk to the new gf' intuition.;  +Yeah I'm kinda renowned for that tingly sensey feeling if you'd didn't know. weep if you don't have the power.;  +okay judging by my tags I'm awfully tired somebody stop me from reblogging things please adios;  +ouat;  +ouat spoilers;  +spoilers;  +4x01;  +regina mills;  +maid marian;  +maiden queen;  +ouat parallels;  +parallels;