When asked about their thoughts on Snow and Charming both now possibly sharing the blackness in their hearts that was originally present in Snow — (x)

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Make me choose » parrilla-lana asked: Emma and Charming or Emma and Henry?

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“I am not violent. I am not malicious. I am a r e s u l t.”

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"This woman, she had no idea who I was, she saved me. She risked her own life, and changed me. […] It taught me that there can be this genuine, selfless connection between people, even strangers;

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“So give me all your poison , and give me all your pills and give me all your hopeless hearts , and make me ill

So give me all your poison , and give me all your pills
and give me all your hopeless hearts , and make me ill

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fairytales to me are never happy, sweet stories

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Open your heart to love, it is so worth the risk.
Even if you get hurt you’ll know - you’ll know you tried.

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Aren’t you a real prince charming?

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Just like a pill….

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"I will never love again"

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